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3 Reasons Why Magnesium Oil
Will Help You Sleep All Night Every Night Like I Do Now!
Written by Laura Jacobson on Oct. 17th 2017
In order to fall asleep, and stay asleep thru all the sleep stages necessary for your body to repair itself, your muscles need to be relaxed, your nervous system supported and hormones such 
as melatonin regulated. MAGNESIUM helps with all of this For The Following REASONS:
  • It reduces the decline of melatonin:  As we age, the production of certain hormones like melatonin (which tells your body when to sleep and when to wake) see a steady decline. Maintaining satisfactory levels of magnesium has been shown to reduce the severity of this decline of melatonin.
  •  It relaxes our muscles: Magnesium moves calcium out of the muscles and puts it back into the bloodstream where it can be mobilized elsewhere. By removing calcium from the muscles, magnesium is a natural muscle relaxer making for a more comfortable night's sleep free from leg cramps or restless legs. 
  •  It reduces anxiety and stress: Magnesium restricts the release of stress hormones and acts as a filter to prevent them entering the brain. It helps you to switch "off" and gives your nervous system a chance to repair itself overnight. 
IMPORTANT: Your body cannot fully absorb the magnesium you consume as part of your diet or by taking pills. applying MAGNESIUM OIL to your skin is the quickest and most convenient way to transmit magnesium into your cells and tissues. 

About Author: Laura Jacobson

Former Insomniac. Busy Working Mom. Energetic Lover Of Life In General.

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